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 The College of Pharmacy at TMU was founded in 2000. It is composed of four academic units: the School of Pharmacy, the Graduate Institute of Pharmacognosy, the Master’s Degree Program in Clinical Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacoproteomics, and the Ph.D. Program for Clinical Drug Discovery from Botanical Herbs.


Among these units, School of Pharmacy has the longest history, as it was founded in 1960 as one of the initial programs of Taipei Medical College. More than 10,000 alumni are practicing in many professional fields, including hospital and community pharmacy as well as industry. As of the fiscal year of 2013, six of our alumni run 11 big pharmaceutical companies with yearly revenues of over NT$ 120 billion.


The Graduate Institute of Pharmacognosy was established in 1992. Its research focuses on isolation and structural chemistry of medical herbs, and development of Chinese herbs and functional foods to treat hypertension, hepatitis, hyperglycemia and cancer, as well as to aid in immune system regulation. The Master’s Degree Program in Clinical Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacoproteomics is the first academic program in Taiwan that aims for clinical applications of personalized medicine. This program provides a comprehensive curriculum in genomics and proteomics. With collaboration between clinical groups, we pursue translational medicine and optimization of drug prescription. The Ph.D. Program for Clinical Drug Discovery from Botanical Herbs focuses on developing Chinese herbal medicines using clinical research. This program also works with the National Research Institute for Chinese Medicine of Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare. These two degree programs provide interdisciplinary learning and coordinate pharmaceutical and medical efforts for research and drug development.


To bridge industrial and academic research, the College of Pharmacy also cooperates with domestic pharmaceutical companies including TTY, Synmosa, Jui An, Yung Shin, Panion & BF Biotech to provide master’s degree programs. This program helps nurture professionals for the domestic biotech industry.


The College of Pharmacy has international exchange program and research cooperation agreements with many universities, including Palm Beach Atlantic University (USA), Southern California University of Health Sciences (USA), University of Southern California (USA), Tokushima Bunri University (Japan), Health Science University of Hokkaido (Japan) and University of California at San Diego (USA). Through international collaboration, selected students participate in short-term clinical training programs or lab-based exchange programs. The School of Pharmacy also has a student exchange plan with the International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation where as many as 10-20 students from all over the world are hosted each year.


The College of Pharmacy specializes in the research of Chinese traditional medicines (plant herbs), biopharmaceutics, pharmacology/toxicology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics and clinical pharmacy. Faculty members have successfully obtained research grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, as well as the pharmaceutical industry in Taiwan. In 2014, an anti-cancer targeted drug (MPT0E028) developed by research teams at the College of Pharmacy was granted IND approval by the US FDA for Phase I clinical trials. To promote better human health by using personalized medicine, the college is further developing active molecules for treatment of metabolic syndrome, malignant oncology and other diseases.


The college’s mission is to serve the most qualified students in the pharmacy profession to ensure safe drug use as well as to develop new drugs for the public. With efforts from all faculty members, the college aims to become the most comprehensive College of Pharmacy and excel in translational pharmacy.


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